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Thread: which music player

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    which music player

    Hi, not sure this is the right place to post it, since I'm not crying for help, I only need a few suggestions.

    I am a new user of ubuntu, and am searching for a music player with a few characteristics:

    • native to gnome environment
    • display of lyrics on UI
    • manual entry of lyrics (no autmatic fetching and stuff, both options will do as well)
    • relatively fast, but with good overall library support (song rating, covers, played counter etc...)

    Is there such a player for Ubuntu (natty). After some googling I have tried exaile, I like it fine overall, but lyrics support is a mess here. Also, I have tried Clementine, great player, lyrics fetching works flawlessly, but I cannot enter lyrics on my own, so if all those websites don't have required lyrics in their databases I am nowhere again.


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    Re: which music player

    Well, I'm not too sure, but you could try looking here or here.

    Also, except for lyrics, Banshee is a great all-around open-source media player.

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    Re: which music player

    Banshee has lyrics fetching support via plugins... not sure you can manually edit it or not.
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