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Thread: Mouse stops clicking

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    Mouse stops clicking

    I've got a dual-boot with Ubuntu 11.04 and Windows 7 set up on an Asus laptop. I'm looking to eliminate Windows altogether, but need to work out a few bugs first.

    The most persistent problem I'm having is the mouse stops clicking after a while. It will move and highlight, but will not click. I can reboot the machine using the keyboard, and that clears up the problem for a while.

    I haven't installed much on the laptop in the way of programs or accessories. Some fonts, VLC, Gimp - and I'm taking advantage of Ubuntu One.

    I've searched Google and the forums looking for similar problems. I've found a few similar issues, but the solutions didn't work for me. I'm wondering if it's an issue with Asus?

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    Re: Mouse stops clicking

    Which Asus model do you use?


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