I'm pretty darn sure no one else has this problem. I'm sick of re-installing everything every single time. ARGH. I talk a lot, so I bolded the stuff you shouldn't skim over.

Who else but me could bork 4 USBs over the span of 2 1/2 weeks? Well, that's what I get for walking around with a plugged-in USB poking out of my bag. (I couldn't help it, okay! And I was being as careful as I could, but I can't stop my bad luck and idiots running into me. Honestly, my luck is abysmal.)

Anyway, before my USB went haywire on me, I made a copy of everything on it in the form of an ISO, because I have no clue what I'm doing. (I mean, it does SOMETHING, doesn't it?)

I had installed a whole bunch of stuff, including wine, winetricks, desmume, etcetc... I've had to re-install everything 6 times already. THAT'S NOT AN EXAGGERATION. Not only do I really not want to re-install everything I need, I don't always have the internet connection. I only get a limited time here at Starbucks.

Putting the ISO by click-and-drag obviously wouldn't work. I've tried simply moving the files from the ISO onto the USB, but there are these files that ubuntu won't let me copy. Isn't there some way I can restore all my files and programs without going through the long process?

I'm like, programming and ubuntu illiterate, so please help me out here? /Bowbow.