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Thread: [Boot-Repair] Graphical tool to repair the PC boot in one click

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    Re: [Boot-Repair] Graphical tool to repair the PC boot in 1 click!

    Hello all! Hope its ok to ask for help in the first post. I have messed up 2 XP machines from booting correctly! Tried to fix it with boot-repair disc but no luck. It still hangs on the blinking "_" sign in the top left corner right after bios post stuff so I'm getting nothing. Problem started after installing software called Mazda IDS (car diagnostics). I actually thought my hdd crashed in the first laptop by random (HDD worked for hours on the install) and I tried it on another laptop with same result!! Damn stupid I know! So... could you gurus have a look at this log and see if you can find anything:

    Thank you very much in andvace
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