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Thread: Help with mounting partitions

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    Help with mounting partitions

    I have three partitions on my HDD: two for OSs--I'm running a dual boot system with XP and Ubuntu 11.04 each on separate partitions--and one for data storage. I would like for the data storage to be my main area for storage for Ubuntu but have two problems.

    1. How do I permanently mount the storage partition so that it doesn't have to be mounted every time I boot up?

    2. How do I move my user profile and storing instructions to the storage partition?

    I'm new to Ubuntu and Linux OSs and am excited to making the switch. Any help is of obvious great appreciation!


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    Re: Help with mounting partitions

    mounting and umounting filesystems:

    mount -t(type) iso9660 /dev/cdrom(device name) /mnt/cdrom(where you want to mount the cdrom)
    cd /mnt/cdrom to view contents

    umount /dev/cdrom or /mnt/cdrom
    ** device cannot be busy (you are in the directory)

    /etc/fstab = filesystem talbe
    - list file system that will be mounted when you boot the computer
    - anything that starts with none is specific to linux

    /etc/mtab = what devices are mounted on the system and their permission types

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    Re: Help with mounting partitions

    What is your ubuntu version?

    try this:

    Modify fstab and mkdir /media/name
    Follow this:
    Startup script
    write bash script
    copy to /etc/init.d
    chmod +x ...
    update-rc.d FOO defaults or update-rc.d -f chk start 99 2 3 4 5 6 .(for all runlevels

    It should work.

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    Re: Help with mounting partitions

    To have your "data" partition mount upon boot, you'll need to add an /etc/fstab entry. We can help you format this properly if you provide the output of the following commands

    sudo blkid
    sudo fdisk -l
    otherwise, if you'd like to try it yourself, take a look at the fstab link in my signature.

    As for moving your "user profile", this in the *nix world would be /home (which stores all your application preferences, etc.), you can move this to a different partition by following the instructions here.

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    Re: Help with mounting partitions

    This is my /etc/fstab file

    UUID=5210A9B810A9A407 /mnt/sda1 ntfs-3g auto 0 0
    UUID=b1332f0f-d55b-4082-8350-e17a14c2a316 swap swap sw 0 0
    UUID=436111D017CE294A /mnt/sda2 ntfs-3g auto 0 0
    UUID=0F75E0010C16ED5B /mnt/sda5 ntfs-3g auto 0 0
    UUID=4a616438-6a2f-41c0-9f5a-b9ad54d500f0 / ext4 defaults 0 1
    UUID=6AD0D8DA3589C220 /mnt/sda6 ntfs-3g auto 0 0
    UUID=349551E454320BE4 /mnt/sda7 ntfs-3g auto 0 0
    UUID=6C44538F27B40F61 /mnt/sda8 ntfs-3g auto 0 0
    UUID=23E4386C3B553D13 /mnt/sda9 ntfs-3g auto 0 0

    uuid= ---> are the partitions in the hard disk
    /mnt/sda1 -----> point where the uuid partitions are mounted
    ntfs-3g,ext4 ------> format of the particular partitions
    auto--------> auto mounting
    noauto -------> no auto mounting

    Do not uuid stutfs! Just type the directory where you want to mount the partitions. Initially it will be noauto just change it to auto

    Initially it will be /media will be the mount point for all the partitions and suppose you want to auto mount the partitions create separate directory for each directory

    go to the terminal

    cd /media
    sudo mkdir partition1 partition2 partition3 partition4 ...

    instead of partion1 partiton2 you can give you own name to the directory

    first of all create those directories and then edit /etc/fstab with this command

    sudo gedit /etc/fstab

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