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Thread: Win98 and Ubuntu Trial Disk

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    Re: Win98 and Ubuntu Trial Disk

    there is no data on graphics card. however this computer CAN handle Ubuntu (at least 10.04 LTS version) - only it will be kind of slow when opening the applications, but otherwise just fine. It also depends on programmes you will be running. basic system will use about 120-130 MB RAM. you will need to adjust some settings to get it low like that.

    I suggest you give Lubuntu 11.04 a try. There is no need for minimal ISO. Graphical install should work just fine. you shoudl also be able to try it without installing by booting from CD. Lubuntu needs about 90-110 MB ram to run the OS the rest you can fill with some light weight applications.

    what i am worried here is your graphics card. if you have one of those early intel chips then you migth be dissaointed as the support for them in linux is not as good.

    since you don't have any boot key menu you need to go to BIOS setup and change the boot order there so that computer first check the CD (boots from CD) and then if it doesn't find anything in there it goes to hard disk.

    good luck. and if you can get some second hand RAM sick that fits in you maschine (maybe for free) and if computer nmotherboard can take it you could upgrade to 512 MB and it will all be a lot more faster.
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    Re: Win98 and Ubuntu Trial Disk

    Try will run on that. A steeper learning curve than Ubuntu.
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    Re: Win98 and Ubuntu Trial Disk

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