I just realized that I shouldn't have included my Bios-Flashing-Questions in a post with my installation questions which are related but yet fall into two categories. [So... {way} more details about my issues are in the post titled almost exactly as this title - only in the installation category - from my First-Ever post from a few days ago... [ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=176345 ]
I've been at this for more that 16 hours a day for so many days that i could cry - again. Mainly, my issue for Flashing A Gateway MTSeries Laptop's BIOS Is that All Of The Several Tutorials that I've been able to find [from Many hours of seaching] Are Written for intermediate users Not Newbies such as myself.
I've Reinstalled Vista Just for THIS Purpose: Bios-Flashing-As-A-Newbie! [Thank you, GParted.] I really only want to FOCUS on Learning Ubuntu's Long-Term-Support-Lynx-Stable-Release for Now Sooooo that I may Move On In My Life to my clear [Unrelated-To-Computer] Goals.
So my Goal NOW is To [from a Temporarily-Installed Vista OS] Update this Gateway MT[3700]Series Laptop BIOS - From 83.04 - TO The 83.05 Firmware Update... Which Should Assist in getting at Least One Solid Year of Service from this Never-really-used-originally-purchased-in-February-of-2007 Laptop... This computer is needed... and Loved... Her name is Gwen.
I made a disc that should be bootable per Gateway's instructions using Power2Go from vista and it Will NOT Boot up from it. The Boot order is set properly for CD-First and GParted boots finely and the Original Gateway-Vista Disk boots up fine. I Also made the BIOS-Update-Flash-Utility-Disk from a mac [osx] and it also will NOT boot up from that one either. No [CMOS] Passwords are set either.
Do You Know What Valuable Nugget of Information I Am Missing? ? ? Anyone? ? ?
Please - will One of You Brilliant and Generous Uber-Geeks Help Me? ? ? I'm kind-of a newb with computers - and i know mac more than windows... and I've Got A serious CRUSH On Ubuntu.
I Appreciate Your Time Beyond what words can express - as I'm now suffering very serious time-crunch issues from trying to get Window OUT of my life so that, with Linux, I can "have the whole house" and Be Free. Thank You.
Thank You - Thank You.