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Thread: 11.04 - No Internet after Upgrade

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    11.04 - No Internet after Upgrade

    Posted this in the Installation/Upgrades category but didn't get any response so I'm trying again here.

    I'm a pretty new ubuntu user and I've just upgraded from 10.10. It seems to be working pretty well, except that I can't figure out how to connect to the Internet. When I click the wireless icon to try to connect, the drop down menu is as follows:

    Wired network (grey/unclickable)
    Disconnected (grey)
    JackET N8 (grey)
    Disconnected (grey)
    3 Internet (white/clickable)
    VPN Connections (white) --> configure VPN / disconnect VPN
    Enable Networking (White) (checked)
    Connection information (grey)
    Edit connections (White)

    Okay so if you have any suggestions, please tell me, but try to be as simple as possible because I'm still a beginner. thanks!


    Edit: Since posting this two weeks ago, I've tried reinstalling 11.04, and now the computer can't even see the network.

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    Re: 11.04 - No Internet after Upgrade

    Hey Janizer,

    I am not a beginner and I am having the same problems, in fact not only is my network connection non-existent, but my mouse no longer works at all, and my display has completely been stuffed up, it does not remember the old settings.

    So I feel your pain, and what is worse, it cannot connect to the Internet to download updates that (one would hope) would fix the problems!

    So I'm not happy to say the least, it certainly seems to be a big problem with the 11.04 release. Why oh why did I decide to upgrade?!

    Let me know if you find any resolutions for this and I will do the same.

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    Talking Re: 11.04 - No Internet after Upgrade

    OK well after about 6 restarts, it just started working for me.

    The only thing that I changed was setting the default login user to me (there are 3 other accounts on my computer) and setting it to automatically log in as me after 5 seconds. Perhaps that somehow helped it to find old settings in my profile? Who knows. Anyway to get to the login settings (if you only have a keyboard and no mouse like I did!) press alt + f1 then arrow right across to the system menu, then arrow down to "Administration" then arrow left and down to the "Login Screen" item. In there you can configure it to auto log in as one of the accounts that exists on your machine.

    I had to restart a few times because I only have one keyboard here today, and so taking out the cable to use in another pc would mean I had to restart it to get it to see the keyboard again. Magically it just started working. Very strange. Anyway for anyone else having this problem, try restarting a few times and changing the login user as above and hopefully it will help you too.

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