I was reading through the Meeting Times thread and at the very end there was a bit of confusion as to which room should be used for meetings.

As a new member, I too was confused by this, and currently join both just in case.

However the potential for confusion is still there for others, so I got to doing some reading around.

On the page: Ubuntu Wiki - ChannelList, our team is listed at the bottom under the "United States Teams" section as #ubuntu-us-mo which would seem to be the preferred designation by the IRC Council according to the page channel naming conventions as such:

  • LoCoTeam channels should be named #ubuntu-XX where XX is the 2 letter code of the country (following ccTLD conventions), and "ubuntu" being optionally replaced with any of the channel namespaces that the IRC council govern ("ubuntu", "kubuntu", "edubuntu", or "xubuntu"). LoCoTeam channels should be administered by the relevant LoCoTeam. If the LoCoTeam is a region team and not a country team, it's channel name should preferably be #ubuntu-XX-YY where XX is the country and YY the region.
  • LoCoTeams are allowed "sub-channels", which are to be named by appending -topic to the LoCoTeam's primary channel (#ubuntu-fr-chat for example). These channels should be administered by the relevant LoCoTeam
  • Don't create two channels for the same team or purpose, this is only confusing.
However, #ubuntu-missouri seems to be the main channel in use and is the one referenced in the sticky thread "Information on the Missouri Team" and in a couple of places on the Missouri Team Wiki.

I would like to propose the idea that we move to the recommended #ubuntu-us-mo channel as the main entry point and place for our meetings to adhere more closely to the IRC Councils desires and minimize confusion.

Thoughts? Any major drawbacks towards a shift towards #ubuntu-us-mo from #ubuntu-missouri as the main place to be?

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