Hi, this thread maybe in the wrong spot and if it is I am sorry but it seemed the most appropriate in my limited search.

My laptop is a Compaq Armada m300 plll 600 mhz, 190 mb ram, ATI 3D rage Lt pro 4mb ram.

It runs great with lubuntu installed, but a little slow. I will use it for school mostly as a word processor but may use it for other things like surfing the net for research topics and other school related things. I may also use it for surfing instead of my main computer because it is way more efficient energy wise.

The question is how can I make it faster with even less system reasources?

I have found that this laptop works really well with epiphany and dillo for the browsers, I mostly use epiphany on it. I have tried many others but those two are best, chromium takes forever but it is the default install with lubuntu.

So here is what I am looking for advise on other than the above question:

how can I make epiphany even faster?

What are the tweaks I can apply to make the desktop faster in LXDE?(I have disabled the other desktops so I am using just one)

What other office programs do i need that will work well? (I have abiword and gnumeric but I need a power point type etc.)

Any way to speed boot times or program load times?

I couldn't get ubuntu one to work, I would just like to sign in and use it, not have it load on start up, so is there a way?

Can I edit the "other" menu or delete it all together, I don't like it?

I have got a 256mb ram stick on the way and that will be the max this netbook/laptop can handle (320mb). I bought this at a great price and I am typing this thread on it now and it is in really great shape. Any advice anyone has is welcomed and I thank you in advance.