I have a fresh install of 11.04 on my desktop and the cheapest bluetooth dongle I could find on amazon (lsusb shows it up as a Cambridge Silicon Radio, Ltd Bluetooth Dongle).

I have the bluetooth dongle to connect to an Apple Magic Trackpad and a Targus Softtouch Mouse (model number AMB09EU)

Basically I have a couple of issues with them.

Firstly the mouse will connect, but not actually be connected (i.e. it shows up as connected, but won't move the pointer, etc). Sometimes it connects fine, but when I connect the trackpad the mouse stops working.

The second is the trackpad (and this might not be a bluetooth issue). It works until I try to move a window with 3 fingers, then the system locks up with the window grab handles being displayed for about 5mins.

I had them working on a laptop with 11.04 so I am wondering if it could be the very cheap bluetooth dongle. Has anyone else had similar issues/experience with the same hardware?