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Thread: fluxbox tray strange behaviour

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    fluxbox tray strange behaviour


    my fluxbox system tray behaves strange:

    these white spaces occurs. Longer the session lasts, bigger the spaces are. This is realy annoying. What program can be responsible for that?

    i use ubuntu 11.04


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    Re: fluxbox tray strange behaviour

    I have this problem too. I haven't found a solution for it yet.

    It's really annoying.

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    Re: fluxbox tray strange behaviour

    Sounds a little odd, are you running 1.3.2?

    andrew@skamandros~$ fluxbox -version
    Fluxbox 1.3.2 : (c) 2001-2011 Fluxbox Team
    Interesting as well to see what you are both starting in $HOME/.fluxbox/startup ?
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    Re: fluxbox tray strange behaviour


    I have the exact same problem. It seems that the tray becomes bigger every time it resumes from suspend.

    Here is what I have in my startup file:

    nm-applet &
    touchpad-indicator &
    xfce4-power-manager &
    fbsetbg -l

    Any ideas ?


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    Re: fluxbox tray strange behaviour

    Fluxbox 1.3.1 is the latest in Synaptic.


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    Re: fluxbox tray strange behaviour

    Quote Originally Posted by Rodney9 View Post
    Fluxbox 1.3.1 is the latest in Synaptic.
    Might be worth investigating an upgrade to latest version though to see if the problem persists. Changelog shows a lot of work:

    Changes for 1.3.2
        * Bugfix: possible crash at SIGINT / exit (Mathias)
        * Removed (obsolete) Gnome window manager hints (Mathias)
          Gnome.{cc,hh} src/
        * Cleaned master translation file from obsolete stuff (Thanks skizzhg)
          Marked obsolete entries as _OBSOLTE to help other translators to identify
          them. Also, removed entries which are meant for error reporting anyway.
        * Updated italian translation (Thanks skizzhg)
        * Tons of changes all over the place (Pavel)
          RefCount, FbTk::Timer, const Signals, Documentation fixes etc
        * Compilefix: build without 'iconv' support (Thanks to Peter Korsgaard)
        * Bugfix: sync the copied config files to the disk before continuing to
          launch. This avoids possible race conditions, eg. under MacOSX (Mathias)

        * Relicense 'ostrich' theme (to please Debian / Ubuntu) (Sven)
        * Bugfix: Do not change workspaces when using NextWindow/PrevWindow in toolbar (Mathias)

        * Mapping keysyms to keycodes after 'MappingNotify', closes #3386257 (Mathias)

        * Regrab ButtonMotionMask, needed for 'Move' events in .fluxbox/keys (Mathias)

        * Fixed using _NET_WM_ICON wrongly, (re)closes #1852693 (Mathias)

        * Updated 'bloe' and 'arch' styles to work without XPM support (Sven)
        * Fixed Textdialog and TooltipWindow style rendering bugs, added
          parentrelative labels (Thanks Nacitar Sevaht)

        * Use the new signal system exclusively (Pavel)
          In 2010 Henrik introduced a new signal/slot system as a replacement
          to the observer/subject code. That transition was never completed.
          Pavel cleaned up the missing parts, fixed some crashes related to
          restart() / shutdown of fluxbox.
        * Fix build system (Pavel)
        * Added check for CARDINAL via client patterns (Thanks to Nacitar Sevaht)
 FbTk/FbWindow.{cc,hh} Focusable.hh
 WinClient.hh Window.{cc,hh}
        * Fixed build system issues, tuned .gitignore (Thanks Pavel)
        * Bugfix: do not warp workspaces with only one workspace (Mathias)
        * Fixed some compiler warnings (Thanks Pavel)
          tests/ tests/
        * Bugfix: crash on Sparc64, closes #3285968 (Thanks David Coppa)
        * Fixed typo on style 'MerleyKay', closes #3286430 (Thanks David Coppa)
        * Adjusted tips of 'fbsetbg' to current behavior (Thanks skizzhg)
        * Fixed some clang-compiler warnings (Thanks to Pavel)
        * Fixed VPATH builds (Thanks to Pavel)
 data/ src/ src/tests/
        * Bugfix: correct calculation of height if container is rotated
          vertically, closes #3195728 (Thanks to Gediminas Liktaras)

        * Fixed some typos in the manpages (Thanks to Pavel Labath)
        * fluxbox-generate_menu cleanups (Thanks slakmagic at gmail com)
        * Compile fix: gcc-4.6.x needs <cstdlib> for 'size_t' (Thanks Danial Diaz)
          FbTk/LayerItem.hh FbTk/MacroCommand.h FbTk/MultLayers.hh
        * Updated turkish translations (Thanks Mesutcan Kurt)
        * Compile fixes for Sunstudio12 (sunCC 5.1), cosmetics (Mathias)
        * Fix 'sstream' configure test (Mathias)

        * Bugfix: delete configmenu first at shutdown (Henrik)

        * Bugfix: reposition windows only if invisible (Mathias)

        * API cleanup (Mathias)
          ScreenPlacement.{cc,hh} MinOverlapPlacement.{cc,hh}
        * Reduced code deduplication (Mathias)
          RectangleUtil.hh Screen.{cc,hh}
        * Bugfix: crash when using ClientMenu after changing the client, closes #3210493 (Mathias)

        * Bugfix: misordered Toolbarplacmenet strings, closes #3195721 (Mathias)

        * Compiler patting, closed #3204402, love for src/tests and manpages (Mathias)
          Screen.hh Window.hh ScreenPlacement.{cc,hh}
          src/tests/* doc/asciidoc/fluxbox.txt doc/asciidoc/startfluxbox.txt
        * removed (outdated) russian documentation (Thanks Slava Semushin)
    I do not use PPAs but perhaps this one might be worth looking at:

    It is owned by Paul Tagliamonte who packages Fluxbox for Debian and I know from irc as a great guy .
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    Re: fluxbox tray strange behaviour

    Hi guys,

    have you found a solution for this so far? I'm annoyed with this also. I use suspend a LOT (current uptime >6d) on my Lenovo X220 (Fedora 16 + fluxbox 1.3.2) and it results in the fluxbox systray despite having only 6 icons covering about 60% of the toolbar.. It's making the window list quite small and unreadable..

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    Re: fluxbox tray strange behaviour

    It seems somebody opened a bug report in launchpad.
    I can confirm this happens also on debian unstable atm.
    The solution is to restart fluxbox from its menu, the windows/apps will retain the current workspace.


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