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Thread: Problem with DVI doesn't work but VGA works

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    Problem with DVI doesn't work but VGA works

    Can anyone help me with the DVI problem that I am having. I have seen many posts about people not being able to get there DVI to work, i had the problem in Ubuntu 10.10, when I installed 11.04 it fixed it. I went back to 10.10 and it was good until about the 2nd or 3rd update. I upgraded back to 11.04 but it still doesn't work, the VGA works but not the DVI. I believe it would work if I did a complete install of 11.04(like before) but I want a different fix, so I can fix it if it happens again. Can someone help?

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    Re: Problem with DVI doesn't work but VGA works

    I bought an Asus eeebox a couple years ago which came with just a DVI port (no VGA). It didn't work, not even with the Xandros Linux it came with. Somewhere I heard that I needed a BIOS upgrade but that didn't work out either. Fortunately it came with a DVI-VGA adapter so I went with that and was done with it. There are also such things as cables with VGA on one end and DVI on the other.
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    Re: Problem with DVI doesn't work but VGA works

    I am using DVI to connect to my DTV/monitor. It works fine. No problems. Check out this link:

    There are different styles of DVI connector. DVI-I (single link), DVI-I (dual link), DVI-D (single link), DVI-D (dual link), and DVI-A.

    It is important to have the right cable and matching connectors on both computer and screen.

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