Hi all,
I'm having a rough time with my wireless connection after using 11.04 for a few weeks now. I'm dual booting with windows 7 and I notice that if I boot into windows the wireless connects just fine but when I switch to ubuntu the wireless icon keeps spinning no matter what I do. In the past I got around this by accessing my router from another computer and manually deleting the dhcp entry for my laptop. Now however I cannot even see it in the list. I've tried every combination of disabling and enabling networking. I can connect to other networks i've tried sudo dhclient and ifconfig down/up. Nothing works and I'm at my wits end. Strangest thing is as soon as I boot to windows i am connected right away. This makes me think it's something simple like a dhcp setting i can tweak with the right know how. Please if anyone's got a suggestion i would be so grateful. Don't want to go back to using windows for anything more than gaming.