Problems with turning the display on once the mythtv box has been running a while.

Problem 1

The display is powered off and the mythtv box wakes up and starts recording a two hour show. If after an hour, I turn the display on - the screen is black. I do Ctrl+Alt+F8, Ctrl+Alt+F7, Ctrl+Alt+F8 then mythtv menu appears, but it does not fill the display - large black area on right. I have to logoff off the mythtv welcome, then logoff ubuntu, log back in and restart mythwelcome. Now the display is filled properly.

Problem 2

Display is on and mythtv box is on, watch something - all is OK, then turn off the display leaving the mythtv box on one of its menus. When I come back in an hour, turn on the display - the display is black. I have to use the keyboard and do Ctrl+Alt+F8, Ctrl+Alt+F7, Ctrl+Alt+F8 to get the mythtv menu back.