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Thread: natty minimal installation + unity

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    natty minimal installation + unity

    hi all,
    i'd like to have a minimal ubuntu system with unity only, two questions about this:
    1. i used the alternate cd to run the "install a command-line system" procedure.
      then, at prompt, i run "apt-get install unity".
      i think i missed something though, cause i'm not able to boot into unity, not even to start it manually.
    2. what about starting from an ubuntu server minimal iso... is it possible to run unity on it or the kernel is not suitable?

    thanks a lot for any suggestion...
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    Re: natty minimal installation + unity

    If you want to use Unity you have to install compiz.
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    Re: natty minimal installation + unity

    use madbox instead.. you will be much happier with the result

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