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Thread: Tutorial - Install OpenVPN on Ubuntu 10.04

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    Re: Tutorial - Install OpenVPN on Ubuntu 10.04

    It is indeed very detailed guide.

    Thanks for the guide...

    One question. Can I allow only specific vpn user (ip) to access only specific servers/machines.

    Is this rule is correct ?
    iptables -A INPUT/OUTPUT -p tcp -s ClientIP -d ServerIP --dport 80 -m state --state NEW,ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT
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    Re: Tutorial - Install OpenVPN on Ubuntu 10.04


    Can we have an alternate to using the Network Manager OpenVPN plug-in on the Client side?

    That has a number of limitations which I've started to find out
    - A number of OpenVPN params can't be configured
    - There is an issue with ping-restart that causes it to drop the connection

    The native OpenVPN option seems better...
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    Re: Tutorial - Install OpenVPN on Ubuntu 10.04

    the guide states that ALL network traffic will go through the vpn. is it possible to modify it so that only specified computers go through the vpn? if so, which part would i have to change? i can't seem to figure it out.

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