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Thread: Unity and Netbook AWOL

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    Unity and Netbook AWOL

    I am testing Natty on my hardware by booting from the live CD, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to switch between the netbook and unity views. All I get when I boot the CD is the old default GNOME view. I have both an AMD box with an AMD Phenom II 64 X6-1100T and 8GB of memory and a Zepto netbook (Atom processor and 1GB memory). I have been searching both on and off forum, but I only see mention of switching to netbook view when a system is already installed and nothing about getting Unity to run from a live CD.
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    Re: Unity and Netbook AWOL

    If you want Unity, you'll need to install Unity 2D from the repositories. Once you have installed Unity 2D, you need to log out and at the login screen, choose Unity 2D as your default session and login again. Then you should be in the Unity environment.

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