This is just a minor problem I'm having with all the IM programs I've tried but it's driving me nuts.

No matter which of the programs I use, none will show custom smileys (I've tried with Pidgin, Empathy, Kopete and emesene) and yes, I made sure to check they were enabled.

Another problem I've been having is that neither Pidgin nor Empathy would show my display image, whereas I don't get this problem with Kopete or emesene.

I've been doing some research on this for a while and found out this has been an issue for a while on Pidgin (for a long time it worked without any problem as I'd been using it exclusively since Intrepid), eventually it wouldn't show the custom smileys from only a few contacts and then it stopped showing them altogether. The display not showing issue apparently begun at the same the no custom smileys one.

I know this is no big deal but it'd be nice to have it working correctly, so thanks in advance!