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Thread: Problem with Genius 300 webcam.

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    Problem with Genius 300 webcam.

    My LINUX Ubuntu 10.04 can t recognise my Genius 300 webcam.

    My Ubuntu even can t recognise gspca driver after instalation.

    i tryed to activate gspca by terminal without efect.

    Anybady can help my?


    Sory about bad english!

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    Re: Problem with Genius 300 webcam.

    If you can compile modules, you might try this page:

    gspca does not claim to support your webcam.

    The simplest thing would be to buy a supported webcam. Mine cost $10.

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    Re: Problem with Genius 300 webcam.

    open a terminal type dmesg click enter
    after it stops
    type sudo apt-get install cheese click enter
    it ask for your pass word you do not see any thing as you type click enter

    cheese webcam booth is the full name
    it should be in sound and video try the cam in cheese


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