I had to do some serious moving of data / partitions to make space for backups and remove some distro's that werent working, and replace a failing Spinpoint F3 drive. (3rd failed drive now in 6 months ). Ubuntu resides on my WD black drive that I use for DAW storage

My swap partition was sdc5 in an extended partition. It has been moved to the beginning of this drive, followed by Ubuntu partition, followed by new ntfs storage partition. I moved the ubuntu partition (same partition label) and resized with gparted and it was succesful, booted right up no appearant problems, only thing is ubuntu is not automatically using the new swap partition (now on sdc1). It will use it if i turn it on in gparted, but each time i boot, ubuntu isnt finding it. (4 gigs of RAM, so i dont really need the swap that badly. actually i have yet to even see it used yet no matter what im doing )

ive searched around and found a bunch of confusing or non relavant info on this.

Also I want to update grub to remove unused boot menu items, and so it will find my new XP install on sda (disk 0).. my previous XP installation was all screwed up and cross-weaved between 2 drives/2 installs of XP.. both of the XP entries in grub menu used to boot me into the same XP partition even tho i had 2 installs on 2 different HD's and showed up in grub for both sda and sdc.... anyways i keep finding info that is outdated or not relevant to me.
My distro is super ubuntu 10.10