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Thread: Uninstalling Ubuntu - Removing Partition Problem.

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    Uninstalling Ubuntu - Removing Partition Problem.

    So, I've been using Ubuntu for about a month now, and despite all it's perks, I've decided it's not for me.

    I miss too many of the native Windows programs and getting them to work on it is to taxing for me.

    But I'm having a problem uninstalling Ubuntu to allow me to install Windows 7.

    I have the W7 disc and I first tried using that, only to release it can't just wipe my drive and I need to "manually" get rid of the Ubuntu partition. However, i can't figure out how to do that. i've been looking for days on Google and other forums etc but found no clue.

    I installed the Gnome Partition Editor, but it lets me do nothing with the Ubuntu Partition, and I'm at a complete loss as to what I'm to do.

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    Re: Uninstalling Ubuntu - Removing Partition Problem.

    I thought Windows install discs DID wipe and format drives automatically, but...

    The Gnome Partitioner (A.K.A. Gparted), or any other partitioner as far as I'm aware, cannot format a drive that is currently in use. Burn an Ubuntu Live CD if you don't already have one and use Gparted from that in a live session. You'll need to delete the existing partitions and then format the drive to ntfs to install Windows.

    More info...

    Also see Ramin15's answer here...
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