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    Cool The Terabyte - from Up North

    I've been reading (whilst listening to the podcast "Burnt at the Stake")Full Circle since Edition 0 and am now at edition 48 plus part two of Python Special edition - absolutley brill magazine - at the risk of being a tad archival in terminology, the whole mag is really Rad! For a free magazine its really Ace. I'm listening about Twitter and facebook - I don't go there I don't give a monkeys about Social Websites - they're rubbish I prefer (being a bit geeky) to mess around with the innards of Linux Ubuntu or even Mint too. I'm a tinker and always have been in one way or another - for a guy of 69 - Oh and i'm the guy from Ashington Northumberland that put 'me' on the map for fun! (if you don't know what I'm talking about its meant for Ronnie Tucker - your linguistic accent's sound a lot better (in the podcast) than my Liverpudlian/Geordie accent sigh...Oh! Um I'm sorry I haven't been on here a while... As I get older I get illnesses a bit more often and sometimes I drop-out and try and regenerate or something terabyte1
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