Hi all,

Evolution has seemed to slap me in the face once again.

After much time and effort I had the ability to connect to my company's exchange 2007 email server, for roughly 4-5 months.
(From what I gather this is quite an accomplishment)

I am connectied via mapi, and the server type is Exchange mapi.
and the packages I have installed are


This was working fine up until today when I upgraded from 10.10 to 11.04.

Now, while I can send and view my previously received mail, I can't seem to get any new mail to come in
(OWA shows the new mail, Evolution does not).

All the packages are the same in the Synaptic package manager and none of the settings changed in Evolution.

I'm wondering if anyone has any bright ideas on how to amend this, (before I go and bork up evolution more/again).

Any help would be appreciated as OWA is quite dreadful to use...

(some info on any other email clients that actually work with exchange 07 would be awesome, if I can't get Evolution to work.)