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Thread: Mythbuntu 11.04 + Wubi yields no boot option

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    Mythbuntu 11.04 + Wubi yields no boot option

    Hi all,

    I thought I'd give Mythbuntu a try, and installed it from WinXP via Wubi.

    I booted, and answered a few MB questions like which graphics driver I wanted to use, and test for connection to the "backend." (Which invariably fails.)

    When I answer these questions, and wait while language packs are installed (why, I don't know), my machine reboots, and after the regular bios post messages, I then have the option of selecting MB or WinXP. Selecting MB gives a very brief message - too fast for my old eyes to read - and I am then in another screen that looks a lot like a GRUB menu, but lacks MB. Only WinXP shows.

    Can someone please suggest a next course of action?

    Also, though I've been poring through the MB wiki, I don't have a clear idea of what is meant by "backend" and "frontend" - any links to a glossary would be greatly appreciated.

    Michael P

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    Post Re: Mythbuntu 11.04 + Wubi yields no boot option

    I have the same problem,
    Would booting from grub command line be an option?? And if so what would be the comand?
    I will try this then come back with results.


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