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Thread: fading sound

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    fading sound

    my machine hs started to have fading sound. it will play, for a couple of hours, and then it starts getting strange. when I test the sound it is clear and good (sound settings). sometimes, if I crank up the volume it cures itself. I have checked the limes and they seem fine. I have swapped out the speakers and it makes no difference. if I am, for instance, playing a vocal song suddenly the vocal part will almost go away. I am using the motherboard sound output and it has worked just fine until now.

    Thank you........
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    Re: fading sound

    Sounds like the sound chip is failing. Typically bad capacitors or poor soldering of the sound chip on the motherboard. You can inspect the motherboard, and touchup the solder with a micro-pencil soldering iron. If the chip feels real hot while playing, then it's possible that it is failing internally.

    Try pressing down hard on the chip after the sound fades and see if the volume comes back up. That would point to a solder problem.
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    Re: fading sound

    thanks for the reply. I will try a sound card and see what happens. Thanks again! after putting on the sound card I just thougt I would make sure I had the best driver. I did not, after installing latest and greatest driver its now working. Now I have to remove the sound card - just too lazy to do it right now.

    Anyway, thanks again!
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