I've been trying for the last couple days to get the NVidia drivers working on this new laptop with no luck. Originally when I tried to enable the proprietary drivers through the GUI, it said it was available but not activated or something. The strangest thing is, when I boot from USB, I get a Unity interface working 100%, I'm assuming this means it is using the proper drivers since I can't get Unity after I install...

I started by running
sudo nvidia-xconfig
to get an X11 config file that made use of the drivers. Unfortunately, when trying to startx I would then get an error complaining that the nvidia kernel module couldn't be loaded.

I did
locate nvidia.ko
to find the location of the kernel module, it was at
I then created a symbolic link in the appropriate modules directory
ln -s /var/lib/dkms/nvidia-current/ /lib/modules/2.6.38-8-generic/kernel/drivers/video/nvidia/nvidia.ko
and finally ran
depmod -a
so that the module could be loaded. X was now loading the module but gave the error "(EE) No devices detected" so in the Device section of xorg.conf I added the line
BusId "PCI:1:0:0"

Now I'm at the point where the kernel module is being loaded but it still won't work. I get the following
(--) NVIDIA(0): Connected display device(s) on Quadro 1000M at PCI:1:0:0
(--) NVIDIA(0): none
(EE) NVIDIA(0): No display devices found for this X screen
(EE) Screen(s) found, but none have a usable configuration
I followed the advice in this thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.p...1#post10809006 and it allows X to start with no errors, I even get the login sound, but the screen is still completely black.

Does anyone have any advice?