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Thread: Xmonad failing to respond

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    Xmonad failing to respond

    Hey guys, I'm running Xmonad and just recently it has stopped responding. None of my shortcuts are working at all. So I deleted my ~/.xmonad/xmoand.hs file, and still no luck. So I decided to log in as root and Xmonad works perfectly. Anyone know why Xmonad isn't working under my normal user? Is there a button i accidently pressed turning off the mod key?

    I was just browsing the web, then after I closed my browser nothing has been working, even after reboot.
    Help is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Xmonad failing to respond

    Is it plain xmonad or do you use gnome+xmonad?
    If the latter then I have the same problem. Plain xmonad starts perfectly and plain gnome starts perfectly, but gnome+xmonad gives me nothing but the desktop background.
    It could be related to the last update...

    It's working again - no idea why....
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