I'm in a bit of a confusing spot for data recovery.
If I had a HDD that was physically working well there wouldn't be a problem but here it is:
I am attempting to recover data from a friends old 80gig IDE 2.5'' HDD.
The drive needs replacement because it is so horribly covered in reallocation errors it can't run for more than a few minutes. However there was a mixup between the replacement drive and the old drive and now the old drive has been formatted and has openSUSE on it making recovery much more complicated. However I'd LOVE to recover anything on the HDD that can still be found.
My only computer is a laptop without an IDE HDD. So in order to do any recovery I'll either have to use my friend's old laptop that came with the IDE drive inside or use a cable I have that can connect all HDD's to my laptop via USB.

I haven't heard of any program that will run recovery on a drive connected via USB so I'm assuming I'll need to make a recovery disk and run it from the old laptop with the problematic IDE inside it. I found the following: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=417761 which was helpful but I realized that installing this to MY HDD won't help. Any help could shorten this difficult situation tremendously.

Amazing how using linux will make you "the computer guy" so quickly, isn't it?