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Thread: mailx moving mail from maildir to mbox

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    mailx moving mail from maildir to mbox

    I'm having kind of a weird problem: mailx moves read messages from my maildir to an mbox file.

    My ISP only provides POP3 access, so I've set up getmail to automatically download messages into my local maildir (~/.mail), and then I access them from evolution using IMAP+(local running)dovecot. This all works fine.

    The problem arises when I access my mail from the command line (usually because it tells me I have new mail when I ssh in):

    mailx properly shows new messages from ~/.mail, but after reading them it moves them to ~/mbox, while displaying something like
    Saved 1 message in /home/richard/mbox
    Held 0 messages in /home/richard/.mail
    After this the messages are indeed in the ~/.mbox file, and gone from the maildir (Dovecot won't show them, and I looked for them manually in ~/.mail/cur and ~/.mail/new)

    I've setup /etc/pam.d/sshd and /etc/pam.d/login to have the line
    session    optional dir=~/.mail standard
    echo $MAIL displays '/home/richard/.mail'
    /usr/bin/mail symlinks to /etc/alternatives/mail which symlinks to /usr/bin/mail.mailutils

    Any ideas on how to fix this would be much appreciated.

    Edit: Kinda solved it by installing heirloom-mailx instead of mailutils. Looks like there's no way to have mailutils save back to my maildir.
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