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Thread: [ARM] Updating to Natty on Toshiba AC100

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    Re: [ARM] Updating to Natty on Toshiba AC100

    Thank you for your advice. I've had Ubuntu running for a couple of weeks now, and it is now stable and functional; I can email, use the software update, and have Abiword running. There are no longer any crashes, especially with the updater.

    However, I still don't have any sound or alert sound, even from a fresh start-up. Sometimes closing the lid will not put the unit into suspend. Adobe flash doesn't work in Firefox, despite putting the Adobe files in /.mozilla/plugins as recommended in the wiki.

    All in all, though, it is now much more functional than the android implement on the original.

    My thanks to all those who helped in making the port to Arm.


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    Re: [ARM] Updating to Natty on Toshiba AC100

    I do recommend LXDE over Unity.
    Flash works in Chromium, which is also faster.
    Newer Firefox version should work with flash as well (did not test).
    For sound use newer kernel, from Oneiric proposed.
    Lid close event is not stable yer. But just put suspend on a hotkey.
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    Re: [ARM] Updating to Natty on Toshiba AC100

    Not sure If I am allowed to add to a Solved Thread but people may still be tracking this so here goes:

    Installing "session-fallback" enables Gnome Classic at login..... Much, much more useable than Unity and not quite as drastic as the move to Lubuntu/LXDE! I though about that Pibach and chickened out when I saw the list of commands to remove and update packages.... Scarey when I don't feel that secure at doing it.

    I have a feeling that the lid-closing problem lies with the fact that the login screen doesn't come up when it is opened.... Normal Suspend/Resume brings this up and all is well.

    I still can't get Flashplayer to work..... Have ditched the bloated Firefox because the rapid versioning is preventing addons and extensions from working.... To do with the Extensions.checkCompatibility.....

    Don't like Chrome and hate the way it tries to track everything I do......Don't want to be that close to Google!

    Midori works beautifully, has Speed dial..... But can't get Flashplayer working there either...... Despite your wonderful Instruction Manual Pibach!

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