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Thread: Empathy asks for "default" login key all the time

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    Question Empathy asks for "default" login key all the time

    First: Very related topic, but out-of-date.

    After installing kde-minimal and toying around with it, whenever opening Empathy back in Gnome (for the first time after rebooting/logging off), it asks for the password for the keyring 'default'. It's never asked me before and it is very annoying.

    Same problem as this person – except it's for Epiphany. (From the other topic.)
    Quote Originally Posted by komputes View Post
    I can confirm this as well. I was never requested to create a protected keychain when first using epiphany or networkmanager and yet every time I start epiphany I get a request for the default keyring password (which is not blank, but my user password). How did that happen?
    Ubuntu 10.04.
    I tried deleting the 'default' password in Passwords and Encryption Keys, but the next time Empathy starts it wants me to create another default password. v_v
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    Re: Empathy asks for "default" login key all the time

    I thought I "solved it" by deleting the key and next time (I have to re-enter my accounts) pressing "use unsafe storage". But I still have to press the Empathy icon twice in order to get it open... quite frustrating.

    Edit: Problem seems to have fixed itself, somehow.
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