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Thread: Poor Performance With Gnome 3

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    Hello all,
    i have a G1S Asus Laptop with Nvidia 8600GT graphic card and 4GB Ram.
    The main problem i experience with my ubuntu(11.04) is poor graphical performance for desktop effects!
    first i had Unity and it was really laggy and slow! then i decided to try gnome 3. by the way gnome 3 was faster than unity but still annoying especially during exposing windows the lag is completely sensible!
    in ubuntu 10.04 i resolved this problem by changing Nvidia Powermizer Mode to "Performance" mode. but in 11.04 it doesnt work.
    P.S. i have installed latest Nvida Driver(270.41.06).
    Thanks in advanced.

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    Re: Poor Performance With Gnome 3

    I have the same issue with an AMD/ATI 5750 (and 8G of system RAM). Gnome 3 is choppy when moving applications around the desktop and opening and closing the app screen. Movies in any player are very choppy as well. Unity performed fine.

    The nVidia 8600 although a decent card might be somewhat weak to handle these effects. Did you have trouble with Ubuntu 10.10 and just compiz effects?

    I am sure things will improve as Gnome 3 becomes more stable and is excepted in the mainstream repos. However, I too would be interested if anyone has ideas on how to tweak this.

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