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    OK I just installed 11.04 on my desktop computer at home and on the first boot was told that my computer lacked the necessary hardware to run unity. Until this note I had never heard of Unity so I had to look it up. OK it seems that it was developed for netbooks which are tiny little things like the first laptop computers were before they got bigger and better. Then I found that Unity was to be the default desktop beginning with 11.04. Now I get this message regarding hardware insufficiency.

    I cannot find, anywhere, any other references to "miminum hardware" for Unity. What are these requirements and if they will run on a netbook with an Atom processor why in the world will they find my Phenom Quad "insufficient"?

    Any ideas?


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    Re: Unity

    First step would be sharing information about your computer...make, model....etc...

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    Re: Unity

    If you are running a Nvidia graphics card you may have to log into Classic Gnome to install the proprietary driver to run Unity.

    I had the same message and was automatically taken to the Clasic Gnome DE . When the name is entered in the greeter box you can choose what DE you want to log into from the session list on the bottom panel .
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