Hi, I'm using Ubuntu 11.04 on my laptop.
I'm trying to connect to my school wireless system, but I cant find a place to enter my username while connecting to the network.
It was working yesterday (at school) but overnight I might have changed the network manager software while I was restoring the volume control indicator applet.
It has a more 'macbook-style' look to it, not the original network manager.
I cannot provide any screenshots right now, but when I click Network Settings, the window title is "Network Settings (alpha)".
The problem is that it detects the networks fine, but it doesn't allow me to edit wireless security settings.
Previously it was set on PEAP security mode, where I had text fields to enter my username and password, but right now it's locked on WPA-Enterprise.
I have looked in synaptics package manager and network-manager and network-manager-gnome are not installed; when I try install them, they need a working internet connection.
At home, my linksys router doesn't require a username field, so I can connect without a problem.
Is there a way to revert back to the default network manager? or enter the username field manually?
Thanks in advance