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Thread: Fan not spinning / barely spinning?

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    Fan not spinning / barely spinning?

    I am using a toshiba sattelite L300 laptop, and i am facing severe overheating issues as a result of the cooling fan Barely even spinning / not spinning at all.

    Temps have been as high as 110 degrees, It's extremely frustrating.

    Any help would be appreciated, but please explain it thoroughly, I only started using ubuntu a few months ago.

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    Re: Fan not spinning / barely spinning?

    You've been using it for several months without problems then? Does it happen in Windows? (if you use Windows)

    Even when my fan is running quieter than my hard drives my gaming laptop stays very cool. I recommend using compressed air, or even a vacuum hooked up in reverse to blow out the fan. Be careful not to hold it too close to the computer, though.

    My computer magically started getting hotter on a regular basis (in Windows it's worse). It has leveled off recently, but there are still problems here and there. Maybe your computer is just old?

    Edit: Another thing you could try, if everything else fails, is to regrease the heatsink. Look around for Arctic Silver 5.
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