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Thread: Live CD of Ubuntu not booting on my computer

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    Live CD of Ubuntu not booting on my computer

    Hello everyone.

    So I have an old laptop with a copy of CrunchBang Linux installed in one of its partitions. I want to try out the latest Ubuntu release, so I went to make a Live CD so I could take a look at it and use a GUI installer. I downloaded the i386 ISO file, checked the md5sum (it matched), and proceeded to burn my CD. My burning application checked to verify that the data had been burned properly, and it had. So I popped it into my CD drive, turned on my computer, and selected to boot from the CD drive. I had the blinking cursor at the top left of the screen that I always get when I first boot anything from CD, but it stayed there for a solid 15 seconds. Then it proceeded to boot from my hard drive. I had this problem once with an Ubuntu Live CD before, but I know that this computer can boot CDs. I used to have Ubuntu installed on my computer (back in the days of Gutsy), and it worked fine. Any ideas on what the culprit might be?

    Thanks in advance,

    EDIT: I just tested the CD on my new computer (the one I want to install it on is somewhere between 7-10 years old), and it booted fine. Does Natty have some sort of bug where it can't support old computers?
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