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Thread: What's the typical amount of tasks running?

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    What's the typical amount of tasks running?

    This is more of an onioned with a couple layers.

    First, I'm not experiencing any bogged down performance so it's also more of a curiosity question as well.

    How many tasks (typically) should be running for a basic Ubuntu 10.10 install at idle? I know that it will vary depending on other programs I have installed but I'm just looking for a ballpark, baseline, figure. Again, just out of curiosity.

    I just installed htop to look at my processes very nicely in terminal...attached is a screen grab of that. The 361 number seems very O_O to me. But the only 1 number in the "running" side puts me back to o_o. And, like I said, my computer isn't bogged down.

    Thanks in advanced for the information!
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