Under Natty, it seems there's a huge bug with the Compiz Application Switcher. Not the Ring Switcher, Shift Switcher, or Static Application Switcher, just the standard "Application Switcher." Whenever I enable it, if you switch between windows using "ALT+Tab," mouse and keyboard events in the switched-to window don't register on the screen. But, if you minimize and restore the window, or maximize restore it, the problem is fixed and you can see the mouse and keyboard events did actually occur.

Here's an example: if both firefox and gedit are running and I use "ALT-Tab" to switch over to gedit, I can type a sentence and nothing appears in gedit. I can click on the "File" menu and it won't display. But, if I minimize or restore the window and bring it back, everything I typed will be there.

Interestingly, it's not universal to everything on the screen. In my example, if I switch back to firefox, using "Ctrl+Tab" to switch between open tabs does nothing, except you can actually see the title bar of firefox change to match the tab it should be switching to. If you minimize firefox and bring it back, it will actually be on the tab you switched to.

Since the events seem to occur, but not appear on the screen, I'm not sure if this is a compiz bug, a natty bug, or display driver bug (I'm using the fglrx driver for my ati card). I have found the problem exists in both Unity and gnome session. Disabling the Application Switcher in CompizConfig Settings Manager eliminates the issue.

The behavior has persisted through about 3 clean installs of Natty (64-bit). Has anyone else seen this happen with the Application Switcher or found a setting to fix it? Thanks.