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Thread: Setup Help

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    Re: Setup Help

    anyone have some insight?

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    Re: Setup Help

    Quote Originally Posted by salvo84 View Post
    I am planning on doing a Mythbuntu setup in the near future and was wondering the main purpose of controlling the DirecTV box.

    Are you using it to change the channel for your PVR? or are you actually watching TV through your Mythbuntu box and using it to change the channel as you would if you were using just the DirecTV box?

    I guess what I am trying to get at is how you have the DirecTV box 'integrated' or hooked up to your Mythbuntu box.

    Is it possible to use the DirecTV DVR so you don't have to setup your own PVR?
    Hi -

    This script just changes the channel on the DirecTV receiver, nothing more. You don't have to use MythTV to use this script, although that's why I wrote it.


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