To developers - please dont 'fix' something that works. I have a usual routine that consists of two steps:
1) open firefox, load youtube and start a playlist
2) open development tools and start programing.
This worked for years since Feisty Fawn and on this particular computer since Ubuntu 10.04 is around.

After last update this stopped being the case. I had no time to look at the auto-update files, I was in middle of the work so I just clicked "update", "ok" and changed the workspace back to work screen. Update was a success and immediately after that youtube video stopped. I refreshed the page, video started again but stopped after ~30-45s. I refreshed again, this time clearing the firefox cache and video stopped again after 30-60s.

I installed epiphany instead of firefox and tried there - same thing. I googled for this problem, found that a zombie 'pulseaudio' process may cause this, so I completely removed pulseaudio. No change.

Tried removing and reinstalling flash plugin - almost the same thing happens: this time after a video stops flash reports 'flash crashed' and after a refresh the system fonts get transparent(!?).

Does anyone have a solution or an idea other then reinstalling the whole system and hoping for the best?

P.S. And what *was* in the last update (update from 11.05.2011) anyway?