Hello, so I've been playing with the different default display managers for the first time and think I understand the basic deal with them, but I have a few questions that I think can be answered easily by someone who knows init.d or something like that much better than I do.

First, gdm was my DDM when installing 11.4 (and also every other release); in general I like to use the XFCE desktop environment so I prettied it up and customized the panel etc. after completing the install. Then I decided to see what kdm was like as I've never messed with the DDM before. After loading XFCE then via the kdm DDM I noticed the desktop looked completely different -- and actually eerily like how I'd had it set up while using Maverick.

My questions are:

1)What is the difference when logging in using different default display managers that makes the desktop env. settings differ?

2)Are there any differences in performance based on what DDM is used?

3)Is there a DDM based on (or made for) xfce?