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Thread: Remove Top Panel on Second Monitor Only

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    Re: Remove Top Panel on Second Monitor Only

    I have came across a way to hide the top panel in the second monitor. It does not exactly get rid of it or the notification windows because you won't be able to close any full screen window unless either right clicking on the application on your default monitor and closing the application that way or using a keyboard shortcut command (which I developed a liking to after using a Mac for years, But the Mac O.S. Crashed and couldn't restore it so I put Ubuntu on it and love it.). So the loop hole that I found;

    When clicking on the "Power/Gear Icon" in the top right hand corner click on "Displays...", it should show the monitors you have connected.

    The monitor that you want to you use for your secondary move next to but... under the black top bar of your main display like so in the picture that I hopefully posted along with this reply.

    This is what worked for me (so far) and I am pretty hopeful this should for you as well.
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    Re: Remove Top Panel on Second Monitor Only

    This solution may work for me as I only am using the second screen as a presentation projector.

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    Re: Remove Top Panel on Second Monitor Only

    any solution on this yet??

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