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Thread: multiple issues with upgrade to Natty

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    multiple issues with upgrade to Natty

    I upgraded two days ago and I have several issues, with Natty that I don't see addressed elsewhere, after searching several ways and scanning many other postings. If I've repeated issues that are already posted, I'd appreciate directions to solutions or better threads to joins.

    Technical date: EEEPC 1005HA, 2GB RAM

    Here are my issues, starting with the more serious:

    1. About every hour or two, I am suddenly logged out and, after 5 seconds or so, taken to the login screen.

    2. Bluetooth rarely works. I say rarely, because about once a day it does work. The rest of the time, my Bluetooth icon appears with a small red x, but claims to be on and gives me the option of turning it off. (Turning it off and then on again doesn't work. Removing the USB Bluetooth adapter than then replacing it -- same result.)

    3. I've found directions to get the Classic desktop by logging out and then logging in as another user but when I do that I don't have any option shown to choose Classic, although that is shown in screenshots I've seen two different places.

    4. Every now and thenm, my screen dims for 5 - 10 seconds. It didn't do that before my upgrade.

    5. I'd like to modify the contents of the top panel but only find instructions to modify it's color.

    Any help you can give me will be appreciated. I'd rather not do a clean install if I can avoid it, but if that's the only way to resolve these problems, I'll do what's necessary.

    Thanks for your consideration.


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    Re: multiple issues with upgrade to Natty

    the screen dimming sounds like a power saving feature. but i have a 1000he and also have bluetooth issues. under kde system settings it shows no device adapters found.

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    Re: multiple issues with upgrade to Natty

    I've now done a full install to replace my upgrade. This allowed me to switch to Classic by logging out, then right-clicking on my name on the login screen. This finally allowed me to switch to Classic -- a very clunky way to do it.

    I still can't use Bluetooth, but I gather this is a bug that has been reported and presumably will soon be corrected.

    I'd like to add my voice to the chorus condemning Unity. It's a much slower, less elegant user interface than Gnome Classic.

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    Re: multiple issues with upgrade to Natty

    Agree regarding Unity. Xubuntu seems to be the best choice now.
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