Hello Everyone,

I wanted to share my experience with the Bayer Contour USB Glucose Monitor. First off let me start off by saying that it is possible to use the Contour USB directly on Ubuntu but the problem lies in the permissions of the Contour's jar file which is set to not be executable and unfortunately due to the way they made their proprietary USB meters it seems impossible at this time to changes the permissions so that execution of the Contour JAR file is possible on Ubuntu.

To get around this I suggest installing VirtualBox with any version of Windows after XP then enable USB support and plugin the device and make sure the device is not mounted to Ubuntu.

I'm in direct talks with Bayer on behalf of all Ubuntu users who are diabetic or pre-diabetic because all that needs to happen for these devices to work on Ubuntu is for them to change a file permission.

Hopefully this information will help any Ubuntu users who use a Glucose USB device (Most of them use Java)