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Thread: 11.04 is the vista of Ubuntu...

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    11.04 is the vista of Ubuntu...

    This upgrade is so bad. I have had nothing but trouble with it.

    Wacom driver is no longer working.
    When I revert to classic mode Compiz doesn't work correctly.
    The windows freeze which forces me to log out and back into regular 11.04 mode.

    I have been looking though the forums and see a lot of other people having pain with this upgrade. What is everyone else's views on this upgrade?

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    Question Re: 11.04 is the vista of Ubuntu...

    I agreed as I have installed 11.04 on my desktop system and had nothing but trouble, so I downgraded back to 10.10. the wierd thing is though, I have installed 11.04 on my netbook and I have no issues with the system. My theory is that the Unity desktop is more designed for smalll portable devices such as a netbook and not desktop systems.

    There should be a feature integrated into the OS like the KDE version, Kubuntu. This OS can recognise if you are using a netbook system or desktop system and switches the interface to match your screen and system configuration.

    Sorry I cannot help but I am disappointed with the 11.04 on desktop systems as well as the hardware compatility. I had no issues with the beta versions.

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    Re: 11.04 is the vista of Ubuntu...

    Put 11.04 on my laptop and media centre. Both run perfectly, way better than what was on there before (Fuduntu and 10.10 respectively).
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    Re: 11.04 is the vista of Ubuntu...

    it costs me to say this but I am very disappointed as well, months ago I had installed the netbook version of Ubuntu and I gave up very soon installing the gnome version.

    10.10 was performing so well in terms of rendering, dual monitor, customisability (and the Wacom driver of course!), I'll play around it a little bit but the first impression is bad and as soon as I tried it I jumped over the forums to find out that I am not the only one.
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    Re: 11.04 is the vista of Ubuntu...

    I can say that I was a bit disappointed in firs instance.
    problem with the broadcom wireless, and a desktop manager that in the very beginning is not exactly intuitive, even for someone that is working in the IT industry from quite long.

    there is a sort of lack of training, and I think lot of newbies are having a bad experience in Natty now.

    From my experience, once you get use to the new way you will find that the interface is not bad as seem at a first look. what is annoing me so much is the fact that I can't really jump from an application to another one without to use the launch bar.

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    Re: 11.04 is the vista of Ubuntu...

    I'm kinda bummed about this Unity idea too. Why do people insist on attempting to fix things that aren't broke? I really don't get how someone could think that Unity was an improvement over Gnome & Compiz, or KDE...

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    Re: 11.04 is the vista of Ubuntu...

    My views were not much different than yours, up until a few days ago.

    I thought 11.04/Unity was the worst thing since vista, lol
    I used it in virtual box and via USB for a couple months, and there was always some problem or another. I was really getting fed up and was seriously ready to move to Debian.

    Then I decided I'll give it one last try with an actual full install,
    giving it its own partition..
    and Here are my results.. >click> Testimony of a former Anti-Natty advocate, From "kill Natty" to "Keep Natty!". lol

    Im actually starting to like it!
    The more i use it the more I like it.
    I can't believe it! But it's true. lol

    A welcome surprise, for sure.

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    Re: 11.04 is the vista of Ubuntu...

    After spending a fortnight on both now ( I had not used Windows since Win2k )
    I found that Vista ( God forbid ) was much better to use than Unity and a little more intuitive .
    I am currently trying Gnome 3 with Gnome shell and not liking it much better than Unity . At present my main machines are still running 10.04 LTS until I either find another distro Debian Stable and Mint are looking good or find another DE .
    And before any of the fanboys around here say XFCE or LXDE - maybe but they are both pretty crude ( Win2kish ) and KDE 4.x well I would rather Vista
    Just a note - I have been a full time Linux user for well in excess of 10 years and not an any way a Microsoft bloatware fan - Just that their product is better to use than what is being served up in the Linux world at present - getting long term Linux users onto windows is NOT the way to go.
    Just let me keep my Gnome Panels functionality and I will be fine !
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    Re: 11.04 is the vista of Ubuntu...

    I think thats being a little disrespectful of Vista to be honest.

    I only tried Beta2 (for 3 weeks) (when I usually jump in with ubuntu) and went back 10.10.

    Unity is awful, and the system was seriously unstable.

    I can accept it was a beta but usually I find from Beta 2 onwards to be pretty solid
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    Re: 11.04 is the vista of Ubuntu...

    I found kde to be the best desktop around. Specially because you can actually customize it exactly like you want. You can even make it look like unity if you really want to.

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