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Thread: IBus in Flash Player?

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    IBus in Flash Player?

    Does anyone know how to get IBus input methods to work in Adobe Flash Player? I want to type foreign characters in SharedTalk, a language exchange website which unfortunately runs entirely on Flash, but pressing ctrl-space to activate IBus does nothing and I can only type in Latin characters.

    Or if it's possible by using something other than ibus, I'd also be interested.

    I did a search but I can only find threads like]this which refer to older Flash versions and claim that it's fixed now.


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    Re: IBus in Flash Player?

    ОК, I've solved my problem... sort of. Instead of using Ibus or an alternative input method (I tried UIM, same problem), I just added the appropriate keyboard layout in the Keyboard preferences, and that works fine in Flash. It means I don't get some of the niceness you get with proper input methods (ch = ч, etc.) but I can live without that.

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