Just upgraded to Ubuntu 11.04 - from 10.10, and now experiencing connection problems with Evolution connecting to my IMAP Microsoft Mail Server.

This was working, I was successfully receiving and sending mail via my IMAP setup in Evolution. Since the upgrade to 11.04, it stopped working with the error:

"Error while Refreshing folder "INBOX". You must be working online to complete this operation."

I check to see if it's in online mode, and it is. I set evolution to work in offline mode. Then I set it back to "online mode" and I get the error:

"Error while Reconnecting to 'IMAP Server mail.foo.blah.de.bla". Could not connect to mail.foo.blah.de.bla: Connection Refused"

I try:

telnet mail.foo.blah.de.bla 143

and this is successful.

I have also inserted the host and ip in /etc/hosts, just in case.

I closed evolution and removed:


And re-ran evolution - still no good.

I've tried removing my IMAP account configuration, and recreating it from scratch, still no good.

Evolution seems to be the only mail program I've been able to get working with Microsoft Exchange 2007. With Ubuntu 11.04 upgrade, it now seems to be broken.

Alternatively, if you have a better mail client that definitely does work with Exchange 2007, suggestions welcome.