Hi Forum!

I am a new LINUX user, having inherited a PC with some data and work on it I need from a guy who left a project two years ago and can’t be located.

So my questions are essentially (1) can I recover access from this, or (2) can I download the most recent version of Ubuntu and lay it on top of what I have and still preserve the data and user developed software that is on there, or (3) both, my choice?

I have five screen shots that show as far as I have been able to go ….

(1) The first; of the Ubuntu sign-on screen. The version is 9.04.

(2) The second; shows me selecting the recovery mode, after hitting ESC during boot-up

(3) The third; shows me getting to the Recovery Menu.

(4) The fourth; shows what happens if I select the “Update grub boot loader” from the menu. It whizzes by much too fast and goes straight back to the Recover Menu. No chance to work with a prompt. I had to freeze the scrolling to take this screen shot.

(5) The fifth; shows what happens if I select “Drop to root shell prompt”. I don’t get to a prompt, but get stuck in a control/D loop.

[If you acutally need to see the screen shots to be helpful, how do I post them or get them to you?]

Thanks much.