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Thread: wep=>wpa2

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    After the installation i want to use my usb wireless stick
    when i put in the computer, i see mine network.
    when i click on it to make connection i must give the password and wich security i want to use
    mine network use wpa2 and in the list i only see wep.
    who can help me?
    i am a noob in linux so dont make it to diffecult.
    ps i dont care if you use the editor or the console
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    Re: wep=>wpa2

    It would help if you said what version of Ubuntu, and where you saw "the list."

    Perhaps you need to right-click on the network-manager icon (top of the screen, near the right side) select "edit connections," " wireless tab, "add", enter the SSID, then select the security tab. Select wpa2 and enter the passphrase.

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    Re: wep=>wpa2

    i use ubuntu 11.04
    i try that when i use it in that way i cant use it

    maybe help this there is also another wireless card inside it a broadcom i think it says the firmware isnt installed


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